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Can you hear me now?

May, 24th | Posted by T.Crombie

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” – John 10:27

One day a good friend of mine posted something on twitter that really changed the way I see things. What he said was something like this,

“I’m convinced that God is speaking to us in more ways than we are willing to listening.”

Wow! Isn’t that the truth! We all know hindsight is 20/20 and immediately I can think of situations where God was trying to speak to me and I totally missed it!

So why does that happen and why am I missing out on God speaking to me? In my opinion I think every now-and-again we all have a tendency to put an infinite God, who created everything, in a box just big enough for some Nike shoes. When the fact of the matter is God doesn’t come in little predictable packages. Take Jesus for example, He looked nothing like what the Pharisees were expecting and because they weren’t willing to listen and since Jesus didn’t fit in their “Messiah box” they totally missed the real deal!

In 1Kings 19 Elijah is in a cave and he goes out to stand before the Lord. A raging wind surged by, but it says the Lord wasn’t in the wind. Then there was an earthquake, but the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. After that a fire but again it says the Lord was not in the fire. Lastly after all of that there was a low whisper and the Lord begins to speak to Elijah through that gentle whisper.

My point is this; a lot of us are in the mind set where we think God isn’t speaking to us because it’s not a surging wind or flashing fire when all along God has been whispering in our ear. What I mean by that is just because angels didn’t appear this morning while you were drinking coffee and reading your bible doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you and isn’t trying to speak to you. Okay, let’s get a little more practical. I love my wife. Meg knows that and I make it a priority to tell her that and demonstrate that (through my actions and decisions) everyday. One day I demonstrated this love in a “surging wind flashing fire” way by asking her to marry me (don’t worry, she said yes) and I presented her with a very shiny and expensive ring. Now in our relationship, big events still happen from time to time but a “gentle whisper” is me washing the dishes or when I bring home flowers. Even bringing her a cold glass of water shows her that I love her. For Elijah, God had showed up earlier by raining fire down from heaven and consuming the alter. But in chapter 19 God showed up in a gentle whisper. Imagine if Elijah was waiting for more fire from heaven and wasn’t listening for the whisper… he would have missed it!

So in our relationship with God we need to keep our ears open to how He speaks to us because He knows the best way to our heart! Sometimes God might really bless you with a big encouraging word from a couple pastors that came all the way from Florida! Sometimes he might whisper that he loves you as you take time to notice a beautiful summer day. That’s why reading the Word is so important! Because God is speaking all the time! Every book, every chapter, and every verse God is speaking, but like my friend said, “Are we willing to listen?”

John 10:27 Jesus says His sheep know His voice. If you’ve put your trust in Jesus and made Him Lord and Savior you’re His and hearing His voice is one of the gifts that come with that. I pray that we’d keep God out of that box, let Him speak to us, and then let us speak out to the world of His great Love.

God Bless