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Are you seeing this?

July, 20th | Posted by S.Crombie

Faith is seeing. Is what you see regarding God amazing and life changing? You may know people that talk about God with excitement but you just don’t get what the big deal is. The other morning I was sitting at home reading when something happened that spoke to me about how faith works. This event occurs everyday and is a simple demonstration of how we’re able to “see” the invisible things of God.

I heard a loud truck going by the front of my house and in the corner of my eye something moved in a direction away from the sound that got my attention. A picture frame provided a clear image of the vehicle reflected on the glass as if it were a mirror. I could see the color of the vehicle, the type of vehicle and the direction it was going, but if I tried to look directly at the actual vehicle I couldn’t see it because a wall was between us.

Here’s how faith in God works.

1. We have to stand aside.

We have to step aside and allow the God of the Bible to be the front and center Master of our lives. Anyone who wants to know God, with a capital G, must humble themselves and hand control to Him. Jesus calls this denying yourself. If you really want to see God, you must deny what you want, think and feel and learn what God wants, thinks and feels. You come on His terms only.

Now if I was standing directly in front of the glass frame I’d see the photo and a reflection of myself. I would be the center of attention. Faith requires a deliberate decision to step to the side and let God be the focus. Let Him be in charge.

It’s easy to do when you start to learn about the differences between you and the Almighty. I used to paint pictures for a living. He paints a new sunset everywhere on the planet every night. I’ve been around for fifty plus years. He’s the Ancient of Days with no beginning and no end. It’s a smart decision to let Him be in charge. To stand aside means to live by what God says is best instead of what you say is best. The only way to do this is to learn about Him from His book.

2. With Him in control, our eyes are opened to a realm we couldn’t see.

Our perspective completely changes. We see things we didn’t see before. Pride blinds us to the things of God and humility opens our eyes to them. When we humble ourselves and admit He is greater than us, He promises to lift us up and the view is always better from up high.

Faith with humility gives sight to the biblically blind. You’ll begin to see who the God of the Bible really is and what it means to be made in His image. You’ll see the personality of God, the values of God and the direction He’s going. You’ll see clearly how to have peace with God and forgiveness. Things will come into focus like real joy, real love, real purpose in life and you’ll begin to understand the evil powers at work in the world. Biblical reality is a drama unmatched by anything Hollywood could ever know.

I challenge you to humble yourself and see what I mean. Step aside and by faith let the God of the Bible take charge of your life. Not just what you think is God, but discover the actual God of the Bible. This is very important. It means you’ll have to read it for yourself and find someone who is a Bible reader as well to help you.

My hope is that you’ll have this eye-opening experience called faith in God and never see things the same way again!