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Beware the Way That Seems Right

August, 20th | Posted by S.Crombie

Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that seems right, but in the end it leads to death.”

True story. I know a man who came around the curve at full speed hauling a semi trailer load of corn at night and at that point discovered the bridge in front of him was out.

His job was to meet up with combines full of freshly harvested corn wherever they happen to stop in the field so they could auger their load into his trailer and keep going. This often meant he had to enter a cornfield from one road, drive far into the field to get the load and exit onto a different road. Day and night he worked unfamiliar country roads picking up load after load in an area several counties wide. This particular time, he exited the field onto a different road than he had entered and it happened to be at a point beyond the “bridge out” signs. He never saw the sign warning that the bridge was under construction.

God gives signs to warn us when we go a direction that isn’t good because God loves us. If the signs are ignored, He loves us enough to allow temporary painful consequences so, ideally, we learn to stop going that way and for our long-term benefit turn around. “Bridge out” signs restrict our freedoms but are posted for our good.

God loves you and deeply wants you to be with Him forever. The problem is sin keeps us far from God. There are wrongs that many in our culture say are right. God, who created us knows best and clearly instructs us how to live. Much of what society says is right, actually leads to death, so out of love God posts signs in many forms to warn us before it’s too late.

Realizing the bridge was out, he stomped on the brakes with both feet! With the tires squealing, a trailer filled to capacity and full momentum he crashed through the first barricade! Struggling to keep the rig from jack-knifing and the brakes still straining against the weight of the massive rig he smashed through a second barricade! He said it was just like a scene from a movie.

He thought it was the right way to go but mistakenly drove into a battle for his life; like so many who go the way that seems right. I’ve heard it said there are thousands, if not millions of world religions with only one member. So many make their own one-of-kind way to go without knowing what God has to say. People generally don’t like God’s restrictions but they exist for good reason. The best way to go is with Jesus. The cross of Jesus takes your sins away! Put your faith in Jesus and follow Him. He said He is the way! He’s the way because He’s the truth and only by going with Him will you find forgiveness and fullness of life today and forevermore!

With tires still screeching, brakes smoking, lumber and debris flying in every direction the semi plowed into a pile of dirt and gravel that finally stopped him just a few feet away from going over the edge to what would likely have been his death.

He got off easy and managed to escape with only a damaged front grille and the pain of having to make a phone call to the owner of the rig. The damage was fixable but don’t take chances with your eternity by going the wrong way. Come to church. Get connected with the God of the Bible and His people. Heed His warnings about what seems right and follow Jesus in the way that leads to life!