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Network of Related Pastors

The River Church is a church of the Network of Related Pastors, overseen by Apostle Rod and Mary Aguillard, Senior Overseers of the NRP (pictured above).  Apostle Keith and Penny Tucci and Pastors Mike and Michelle Frie are also apostolic overseers of The River Church.

The mission of the NRP can be summed up in four main points :

1. To be apostolic fathers and mentors to pastors.
2. To be a support system to the pastor and his family.
3. To be a relational oversight to the local church and leadership.
4. To be a strategic network for greater effectiveness of the local church.

The Network of Related Pastors has united with the vision to:

1. Launch new churches domestically and globally.
2. Develop and release five-fold ministry for regional impact.
3. Advance the voice of moral reformation to our nation.
4. Empower and champion generational success.

Gary and Stella Gilbertson

Unofficial advisors of Pastor Steve and Joan, Gary and Stella Gilbertson were their pastors in Northfield, MN for 15 years and have been an integral part of their formation in Christ.  Their wisdom and guidance is respected, and they are highly esteemed as role models for their passion for God and zeal to win souls for the kingdom.  Gary is the founder of Prepare Ministries, a campus ministry to win and disciple college students.

Bill and Darlene Davis

Bill and Darlene Davis have been in relationship with Pastor Steve and Joan Crombie long before The River Church began. Although never officially their oversight, Bill and Darlene have been a steady support and encouragement to The River Church and are life-long covenant friends.  Bill and Darlene are part of Restoration Team Ministries and live in Tampa, FL.