Network of Related Pastors

NRP logoThe River Church is part of a nation-wide network of churches called the NRP – Network of Related Pastors.  This group of 50-some churches is overseen by Apostle Rod and Mary Aguillard from Reserve, LA.  The NRP provides spiritual oversight to The River, as well as mentorship and relational support to the pastor and his family.

As a part of this network, The River has united with the vision to launch new churches domestically and globally, develop and release five-fold ministries for regional impart, advance the voice of moral reform to our nation, and empower generational success.

The River’s Overseers:

Apostle Rod & Mary Aguillard

Rod and Mary Aguillard

Apostle Keith and Penny Tucci

Keith and Penny Tucci 
Senior Overseers of the NRP

Pastors Mike and Michelle Frie

Mike and Michelle Frie